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Sign up to ProductWidgets to get your own custom page where you and your publishers can create widgets with your products!

  • Save time and money - no need to hire a designer or create banner ads in-house
  • Increase your performance - smart widgets allow significantly higher CTRs than banner ads
  • Please your publishers - offer them widgets for any categories or keywords they need

Works with your current network!

We aim to support all major affiliate networks soon! Currently we work with advertisers from Zanox only, but if you are with another network and would like to use ProductWidgets, please let us know and we will make it happen!

Currently supported:

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Getting started is simple!


Sign up

It only takes a minute - simply tell us which affiliate network you're working with and which product categories and widget sizes should be available for your publishers. We will automatically import your existing data feed!


Tell your publishers

This is the fun part! Let your publishers know they can now promote your products with smart widgets instead of old and boring banner ads! Just send them a link to your custom ProductWidgets page and you are good to go!


You're done!

There is no step 3! Once your publishers know where to get your widgets, they can take it from there. We will make sure that your products are always up to date and the widgets look great and load fast!

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Beautiful, flexible and smart - our widgets pack a punch!

Hungry for Products

ProductWidgets slices and dices through millions of products without breaking a sweat! It works with your existing data feed and automatically indexes categories and keywords, so each product can be found quickly.

Fully Automated

Each widget's products are rotated regularly so returning visitors see fresh products every time. If a product is not available anymore, it is removed from your widgets automatically and replaced with a fresh one.


The impressions, clicks, and sales of each product are tracked and that data is used to make sure your widgets always display the best-performing products. Products that don't perform well are replaced over time.


If some of your products are marked as being available in specific countries only, your widgets are automatically geo-targeted - they know where each visitor is located and display available products only!


Your publishers will love your responsive and mobile-friendly widgets! It's easy to configure them to shrink or disappear on smaller screen sizes, while taking advantage of all available space on desktops.

Trivial to Add

Any publisher who can add a banner to their website can also add a widget - it's just one line of code, and the widget appears exactly where it's added! Reuse the same code to add the same widget to multiple pages.

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