Fully automated ecommerce marketing.

ProductWidgets is an intelligent system that creates beautiful,
engaging, and fully automated advertising widgets from any product source.

The smart advertising solution
for online shops and niche websites

The problem many online shop owners face today is the need to advertise their products, yet so many advertising platforms are overly complex. Moreover, they are not customized to the specific needs of online shops, i.e. don't handle many products (or products at all), changing product data or deals and promotions.

The solution is ProductWidgets. It is a super-simple yet extremely powerful platform that connects online shops and niche websites.

The advantages for online shops

Set and forget - once ProductWidgets is set up, it automatically monitors your product inventory and creates beatiful widgets containing your best-selling products.

Targeted visitors - you can decide on which blogs and websites your widgets appear, or let ProductWidgets make the match automatically.

The advantages for niche websites

Highly relevant - you can be sure the displayed products are relevant to your audience. If you run a gadget blog, you won't see shoes or dresses.

Less intrusive - when the products are relevant to your content, the widgets are not perceived as annoying or intrusive.

Fully Automated

Products are selected and rotated automatically based on a sophisticated algorithm and each widget is monitored to display only the best-performing products.

Built to Scale

ProductWidgets slices and dices its way through huge databases of products, filtering intelligently based on categories, keywords, geo-location and availability.

Simple Integration

Adding a widget to any website or blog couldn't be simpler: use one of our plugins or insert one line of Javascript.

Some more examples

Leaderboard (728px × 90px) with slider and logo
Medium Rectangle (300px × 250px)
Half Size (234px × 60px) with slider

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