Fully Automated Affiliate Marketing

ProductWidgets is an intelligent system that lets you display targeted affiliate products that perfectly fit your unique content.

The smart advertising solution
for your blog or website

Do you run a blog or website and want to monetize the time and effort you put into creating great content?

Do you also not want to annoy your visitors with generic display ads or are you tired of the complexity and intransparancy of AdSense and other ad networks?

Then ProductWidgets is for you! Once installed, the system automatically analyzes your website and selects from millions of affiliate products the ones that match your content perfectly.

So if you run a blog about tech and gadgets, these products will be displayed

but if blog about the latest movies and series, your visitors will see those products.

Simple, isn't it?

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Fully Automated

Products are selected and rotated automatically based on a sophisticated algorithm and each widget is monitored to display only the best-performing products.

Built to Scale

ProductWidgets slices and dices its way through huge databases of products, filtering intelligently based on categories, keywords, geo-location and availability.

Simple Integration

Adding a widget to any website or blog couldn't be simpler - use one of our plugins or insert just one line of Javascript.

Our widgets come in all sizes!

Leaderboard (728px × 90px)
Medium Rectangle (300px × 250px)
Half Size (234px × 60px) with slider
... and many more!

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